Busy? Overwhelmed? Frazzled? Mid-life is notorious for being pulled in multiple directions, and you can feel like a deer caught in headlights, go into overwhelm, not seeing an end in sight. Worse still, you can feel like you’re not giving your best to anything you’re doing.

Try taking a step back and identifying your NEP – Your Next Emerging Priority; that thing which stands out as the area you need to focus on next.

Then look at the other things on your agenda. See what you can do to keep those things ticking over at a basic level so you can free up energy and time to make a difference in the area that is your priority. It might be one of your children who needs more support, a major work project, or an elderly parent who is moving house. Decide what your Next Emerging Priority is, and then decide a timeframe for that priority.

Contributing well in one area can help you feel a sense of accomplishment, and can generate positive feelings and satisfaction. But, be aware that letting some things move to the back burner will inevitably produce some feelings of anxiety. Work on accepting these feelings, and remind yourself that you will be able to give more in other areas once you finish with your current priority.

Don’t forget to communicate to your loved ones what your priority is, the timeframe, and what it will mean for them. Finally, try to keep realistic expectation of yourself and others. No one is doing life perfectly, and what a relief that we don’t need to!