Mid-Life Matters

Start creating your future now.

The second half of life is full of changes and transitions.

This Program will equip your people to create their best life – both now and in the future. The Program covers these important topics:

  • Work and next careers steps
  • Health
  • Enjoying life
  • Money
  • Getting organised

Each topic includes an online Module and a Workbook. Or you can use our Workshop Kits for face to face delivery. Offer the whole Program, or talk to us about the topics that will suit your over 40s best.

Future Starters

We all know that change can be challenging, especially during the busy years of life. So we’ve created Future Starters to help people who prefer to tackle one issue at a time. These mini-modules take 5-10 minutes each to complete, and cover topics like:

  • Work – What’s next?
  • Why get active?
  • Life Happens – Coping with the unexpected
  • The Mid-Life Money Check-Up

Thought Starters

If you just want to get your people thinking, try our short, animated videos. They’re an easy way to prompt your people about important issues.

(If you’ve got a particular need we can even create one just for you!)

You can see a sample below.

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