Help your members bring their future into focus.

One of the best things Super Funds can do for members is to connect them with their future. Having a vision for the future will help them prioritise long term saving, and take action to create the life they want.

And it’s a win-win because Funds that partner with members in planning for their future also enjoy increased loyalty, retention and openness to financial advice.*

Use our resources to engage members at key points in the customer journey, deliver value and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

*The Online Research Unit for Retirement Ready, 2017

The nuts and bolts

Our resources can be integrated into your existing member portal, or we can host them for you. Of course you’ll need to measure how things are going, so we provide regular reporting on the important details, like how many of your members are accessing the content, for how long, and which resources.

Talk to us about what you need to know and what will work best.

Our Programs

The Money Ready Program

Understanding the cost of retirement

The Retirement Ready Program

Preparing for the transition to retirement