Whenever we reflect on where we’re at in various aspects of our lives, we can feel stuck and frustrated by our situation. We may feel discouraged by the weight we’ve put on, annoyed that we’ve stayed so long in a job we don’t like, or wish we had made better financial decisions.

The key to starting to make a change for the future is to accept where you are right now. Your current situation is your launch pad for moving forward and creating a different future. The danger is dwelling too much on the things we wish were different, and being frustrated and stuck. This drains energy we could be using to create change.

Try these tips to approach your future differently –

  • Accept and make peace with whatever choices led to where you are now. Those choices made sense in some way, and met some need we had at the time. You don’t have to make the same choices in the future.
  • Acknowledge the things that are going well – areas of life you are feeling more satisfied. This will help you keep a more balanced perspective, and stop you feeling discouraged.
  • Recall a time in the past that you made a positive change in your life. Remind yourself that you can make changes, and reflect on what helped you to make changes in the past.
  • Ground yourself in the practical – identify small steps you can take to move forward to create change. Enlist the help of a friend or loved one to encourage you and keep you accountable.

Whatever you woke up with today is your potential – your launch pad. If you accept it (even if we don’t like parts of it) it can give you a solid base to launch into a different future. Just make sure all your energy is available for the leap forward – and be sure to hold on tight!