About Us

What we do

At Forty Plus we create engaging resources that you can share with your people to help them get the most out of life. We focus on the things that connect and cut through to create pathways for planning and change.

We do this for employers, super funds, financial planners and more.

How we do it

We start by researching the latest information and ideas. Then we tease out the big concepts, and the ‘must know’ stuff. We reflect on the what that information means to an individual, and how to communicate it in a way that really connects. That leads to a decision about the best format. It might be a video, quiz, game, elearning module or workbook. Lastly, we add links to the important (and often overlooked) resources that will help.

Our Philosophy

We believe that planning ahead is the key to creating your best life, no matter what your age.

We can’t control all the things life might throw at us but we can take control and plan for the best life possible.

Our Team

We’ve assembled a great team bring together research, education, instructional and graphic design. This gives us the skill set to produce resources that are innovative and engaging.

Susanne Gerstmyer, James Lane and Malcolm Thompson are the directors of FortyPlus. They began working together in 2015 as Retirement Ready. FortyPlus was born out of their desire to see people make changes earlier in life in order to have a bigger impact on their future.

Susanne, James and Malcolm bring a wealth of experience from careers spanning policy development, leadership and executive coaching, law and finance. They share a passion for helping people to achieve optimal outcomes in their life choices.