Help your people create their best life.

At FortyPlus we get people aged over 40 thinking about their future and empower them to start creating it now.

The forties are busy years, and it can be challenging for people to focus beyond the present. Our resources give people an engaging framework for thinking about their future, and achievable steps they can take now to enjoy the life they want. We keep it simple with short elearning modules, animated videos, articles, workbooks and face-to-face workshop kits to reach people across a variety of platforms.

Our resources are relevant for employers, super funds and financial planners to offer their employees, members and clients – or any organisation needing people to think ahead and take actions like:

  • Engaging in long-term financial planning
  • Making better health and lifestyle choices
  • Engaging in career planning, and
  • Delivering their best work performance.

Take a look at our website and see the content and resources we offer, and how they can help you deliver on your organisation’s objectives.

We all want to get the most out of life, and to look forward to a future we’ll really enjoy.

We help people navigate topics like






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Why over 40s?

Life after 40 presents unique challenges and opportunities. People have enough years under their belt to have found their stride and to know what’s important to them. But most people are also aware that their lives are changing.

Mid-life is the ideal time to reach out to people with information and resources that equip them to enjoy life and navigate the years ahead. In fact, thinking ahead creates the best opportunity for people to live life on their own terms, and enjoy the future they want.

Equipping over 40s will not only benefit individuals, but will also support them in their roles as employees, parents, caregivers, friends and as part of our communities.

What are your people creating for themselves next?




Busy? Overwhelmed? Frazzled? Mid-life is notorious for being pulled in multiple directions, and you can feel like a deer…

Love your Launch Pad

Love your Launch Pad

Whenever we reflect on where we’re at in various aspects of our lives, we can feel stuck and frustrated by our situation.

Retirement NOT Ready

Retirement NOT Ready

How can Funds support members who reach retirement without the balance they expected?